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Tools of the Podcast Trade - Podcasting Demystified

Tools of the Podcast Trade - Podcasting Demystified

Podcasting can seem confusing at times and it doesn't have to be. But new podcasters get caught up with the tech and the strategies which sometimes hold them back from owning their genius.

On Tools of the Podcast Trade, I discuss the tools and strategies we use in podcasting. Some episodes are interviews with industry experts and tool creators.

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Recent Episodes

The Power of Podcast Awards w/Vinnie Potestivo

Sept. 10, 2022

Vinnie Potestivo reveals the secrets to becoming a successful podcaster, including winning awards, building celebrity brands, and creating red carpet moments. Are you looking to start and grow a successful podcast? Content c…

How to Access Your Retirement Funds Now Without Penalty w/Daniel Blue

Sept. 8, 2022

Daniel Blue overcame drug addiction to become a successful entrepreneur. He's the owner of Quest Education. Daniel is also the host of How Winners Win podcast. Through his business, Daniel shows individuals how to use mone…

Reward Listener Loyalty While Earning Revenue w/Jason Sew Hoy

Aug. 18, 2022

What if 5% of your listeners paid you each month for exclusive content? Would that make a difference to the quality of your podcast and make podcasting more financially rewarding for you? Jason Sew Hoy is the CEO of Supercas…

Guest: Jason Sew Hoy

Sharing the Message of the Marginalized w/Paula Blair

June 30, 2022

Paula Blair talks about her experience as a podcast host on Audiovisual Cultures . Her focus is on exposing the work of marginalized individuals in film. We discussed her experiences and challenges after 4 years of podcasti…

Guest: Paula Blair

Building Profitable Podcast Networks that Work w/Ralph Sutton

June 23, 2022

Ralph Sutton is a former radio host and SDR (Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll) podcast host. He's also the owner of GaS Digital Podcast Network. Key Takeaways: 05:20 - Why join a podcast network 05:50 - Does joining a podcast netw…

Guest: Ralph Sutton

Strategies to Reduce Sound Distortions w/K Bharat

June 9, 2022

K Bharath (KB) stumbled into podcasting when he got a chance to become a sound engineer. He's combined his business skills and techncal skills to help businesses build a podcasting strategy. He hosts the Magic Mic podcast wh…

Guest: K Bharath

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